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Blitz Trader

FINVASIA takes your trading level a step higer with Next Generation Algorithmic Trading Platform.

Its first Algo trading software of its kind for our Retail Clients.

Follwing are few reaons why its demand graph rising higher and higher:

  1. It is an API based model and has Open Framework, leading to ultra fast executions
  2. if you ike paying with graphs, here we have Technical analtysis Library with more than 40 indicators
  3. Design your Dashborad as you want with CUSTOM TRADER DASHBOARD.
  4. An in Build Stimulator, as an helping hand for better analysis.
  5. You can experience virtual live market market after trading hours to strategy testing.
  6. Additional strategis such as VWAP, TWAP, POV, Cross-Market, Spread, scalping etc for Additional Profits.
  7. Widely used by Proprietary Trader, Investment Managers, HFT investors, Arbitragers.
  8. Confident Enough! Step ahead! Build your own custom strategy that allow modification of variables on flt

List of Approved Strategies