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FINVASIA is registered as a Foreign Institutional Investor by the name of KPDN Inc. Therefore, we understand the peculiarities faced by the foreign investors while getting through the cumbersome process of registration followed by the appointment of Compliance Officer and CPA. We will help you deal with all the compliance, regulations, formalities and the varied special services.

Our Services

Diversified Investment Advisory

We focus on structures that combine best aspects of primary and secondary fund structures.


Our globe of service includes

Planning portfolios through various investment avenues

Regular portfolio tracking and timely updates

Structured Products

Independent assessment of strategic options



Planning portfolios through various investment avenues

Regular portfolio tracking and timely updates

Structured Products

Independent assessment of strategic options

Registration Process Responsibility

We will help you at each of the stages stated under during the FPI registration process

  1. Apply to a DDP for FPI registration under one of the 3 categories:
  2. APPOINT A COMPLIANCE OFFICER: the same needs to be appointed to comply with the FPI regulations
  3. APPOINT A CPA: a CPA needs to be appointed in India so as to meet the PAN card and tax related obligations

Foreign Portfolio Investors have to be given the same tax status as that of an FII.

odule here.

Ensuring Confidentiality
We can ensure you to have confidentiality of the investments. We do not disclose the assets and the financial status of our clients. We maintain the strict rules to keep the data of the client confidential.

The entity investing in participatory notes is not required to be registered with SEBI and remains confidential.


Authoritative Dealer
Driven by highly motivated professionals, our team plays an important role in improving performance, market competition, and transparency for all investors. Through cutting edge technology and responsive customer service, we aim to provide our esteemed clients fast and reliable execution experience.

Our efficient research team provides profitable trading and investment solutions to its clients. We believe in providing world class execution services to our corporate and retail clients, standing by the principles of integrity, objectivity and originality. We are committed to execute business on most competitive terms and draw strong trading relationships

Formalties With DDP

The DDP may verify if the applicant is regulated or supervised by the securities market regulator or banking regulator through any one of the following:

  1. Obtain a copy of certificate issued by such regulator or;
  2. Verify the registration details directly from the registry or the website of such regulator.[Ref. Regulation 4(b)].
  3. DDP shall be an Authorised Dealer Category-1 bank authorised by Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Depository Participant (DP) and Custodian of Securities registered with SEBI
  4. SEBI registered Custodian of Securities shall be deemed to be DDP subject to conditions
  5. Depository shall forward the application of DDP along with its recommendation to SEBI for grant of approval
  6. DDPs shall carry out necessary due diligence and obtain appropriate declarations and undertakings before registering FPIs
  7. SEBI approved Qualified Depository Participant not meeting the DDP eligibility criteria may operate as DDP for a period of 1 year.
INR -FX Bank Account Registraion

To change your currency in terms of Indian rupee while investing it into Indian markets you will re

quire a INR-FX bank account registration and we will help you to get one. The bank account registration will be hassle free and easy.

The rate applied to your transfer will be the applicable rate on the date your transaction is executed.

canada To trade in a currency futures contract, the client needs to give the required margins upfront to the Bank. The margin is fixed at 5% of the value of the contract but can be modified by the Bank depending upon the market volatility.

canada Better Interest Rates


canada Higher returns


Lending Against Stock

  • Finvasia assists established businesses looking to expand
  • Funding available to clients looking for private placements for public equities
  • Raising short-medium term funds to sustain cash flow crunch
  • Availing funds outside India at cheaper rates
  • FINVASIA has global network of public and private financial lending institutions with aggressive, simple and transparent lending programs
  • Lending facilities on most securities traded domestically and on international exchanges
  • Managing various funds which provide structured secured corporate loans
  • Finvasia is one of a handful of firms to launch securities-backed loan with more creative structures


Asset Based Lending
  • Leverage the value of your assets to meet your financial needs
  • We offer asset based financing structures including revolving lines of credit
  • Customized loan arrangements secured by inventory, accounts receivable and fixed assets
  • Requires fewer, at times no financial covenants
  • Smoother cash flow during business cycles/seasons
  • Highly beneficial for those with lower operating margins

Specially Treated accounts

Specially Managed Accounts are designed to tailor the specific needs of the account holder with a combined expertise from the investment experts.
Investing outside of the country of your origin can be a taxing task, especially if you lack the local expertise. We at Finvasia provide Special investment Vehicles, tailored to the needs of FPIs, who either don’t have the resources or the expertise to deploy certain investments or trading operations for Indian markets. We ensure that the professionals understand the investment needs of the client and right resources are deployed to achieve best results for the investors’ activity. The SMA’s are the most suitable investment vehicle for the investor who lacks the resources required to deploy his strategies or for those who have time zone disadvantage.
An advisor to various leading hedge funds on Wall St. and we pride ourselves in providing most professional and objective solutions to our clients. Be it in the form of deploying strategies or even building new strategies from scratch.

Tax Saving

In order for the new FPI regulations to kick off well, it has been very pertinent that the necessary changes made to the Income tax regime, which were applicable to FIIs, are also extended to the FPIs. Based on the current tax framework, the tax benefits to FIIs include:

The key rates under Sec 115AD of Income Tax Act 1961, now applicable on FPI regime are:

  • Interest Income is taxable @ 20%
  • STCG on sale of listed equity shares and units of an equity oriented fund, on which STT is paid at taxable rate of 15%
  • Other STCH @ 30%
  • LTCG on sale of listed or unlisted securities that are sold off the stock exchange are taxable @ 10%
  • As per section 196D, tax withholding regime shall not be applicable on capital gains arising from transfer of securities payable to FIIs
  • The PAYER is not required to withhold the tax at the time of making remittance of the sale proceeds from India
  • The benefit under section 194LD where the FIIs enjoyed a reduced 5% withholding tax rate with respect to interest earned between 1 June 2013 to 1 June 2015 on rupee denominated bonds of Indian companies or government securities would now be extended to FPIs

Note: The tax rates specified above are under the Income-tax Act, 1961 and are exclusive of surcharge and education cess.

Currency Hedging

We have been offering special products for export houses where we structure your currency hedges and help you dis-intermediate your banks. That is because when you hedge with a bank, you end up paying very hefty hidden price for it. Typically our products increase your converted rupee revenues by 5 – 10 % a year without taking any directional bias on the movement of the currency. Our currency hedging products are wide and cover a broad range of requirements.For importers or corporate who have exposure to dollars and are required to make payments in dollar, at a future date, we can bring down your cost of forward hedging significantly. Generally speaking, a bank can charge you anywhere between 7 – 8.5% for a one year forward, typically we can bring down your cost of these forwards by 35 – 50% using our Alpha Hedging Products.

Let’s have a look on some of its Advantages:


Survive Hard Market Period

Also, Hedging enables traders to survive hard market periods. Since the objective of hedging currencies is to minimize losses, it can also allow traders to survive economic downturns, or bearish market periods. If you are a successful hedger, you will be protected against inflation, interest rate changes, commodity price volatility and currency exchange rate fluctuations


Reduce Risk & Losses

The main advantage of this investment approach is to help reduce the risks and losses of the investor. Hedging is a good strategy when dealing with foreign investment opportunities. The price of currencies are volatile, however, hedging currencies can provide investors with more leverage when they put money in the very risky Forex market.


Locking Profit

Hedging tools can also be used for locking the profit. Investors who do not have the time to monitor and check their investments can also benefit from hedging. There are many hedging tools that can effectively lock profits for investors. The gains from hedging are often realised in long term gains.

Support According To Your FPI Category


The first category would include Government and Government related entities like Sovereign Wealth Funds, Foreign Central Banks, Multilateral Organizations/ Agencies. This category is for very low risk investors like IMF, UN etc.

Example: government, central bank, government agencies, international or multilateral organizations & agencies


This category includes Mutual Funds, Investment Trusts, Reinsurance Companies, Regulated entities such as Investment managers/ advisors , Banks, Asset Management Companies / Portfolio Managers, Pension Funds, University Funds, University related endowments already registered with SEBI as FII/Sub Account

Regulated by- banking regulators/ concerned foreign jurisdiction/ security market regulators

Broad based fund – funds incorporated/established outside India with at least 20 investors. No single investor should have more than 49% holding.

Example: banks, portfolio managers etc.


The third and final category includes all other foreign investors investing in India under PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) route who are not included in Categories 1 and 2. It includes corporate bodies, charitable societies/trusts, foundations, endowments, family offices, individuals etc.

Example: societies, charitable trusts, corporate bodies etc.

Market Expert +Back Office Support

Market Experts 24*7

Experts trading in the Indian markets will be available 24*7 to give you the suggestions about the market and can explain the types of investments opportunities you can opt for with any initial investment.

Our market experts believe that there is a lot of hard work required to accumulate the initial investments and we take full responsibility and will help you build huge profits and returns


Back Office and Experienced Account managers

The Back office support will be provided to you and your clients absolutely free. Back office support includes opening up the accounts of your clients, mapping of your clients under your client code, maintaining the ledgers, preparing the contract notes on daily basis, updating your balances and keeping record of every transaction.

The experienced account managers will keep the record of your demat account and trading account transactions.


ETF Trading

Our ETFs and stocks trading have always proved to get profits in long run. We have been helping our clients subscribing for the trading ideas for consistent, solid and huge returns.

ETF traded stocks shows the biggest movement in very short span of time. In order to achieve the best profits, you shall invest just prior to those moves.

Most investors are not very resourceful and don’t do the required with the time, so we will help you to anticipate a shift in volume and movement before it occurs.


Real estate Investments

Our offerings incorporate various plans including assured returns on investment in residential and commercial properties.

We have helped NRIs make wise investment decisions and become owners of amazing properties.

Guiding our clients in the right time to invest or disinvest in the Indian real estate.

We have variety of plans for assured returns for traders and investors.


Mutual Fund Investments

Many investors have gained profits by investing in mutual funds and achieved their goals over past few years. As the investment vehicle increases as India being the destination for investments, the mutual funds have become popular in retail and international clients because of the various benefits about the mutual fund investments

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