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HFT algo


Fastest Execution

Through HFT, thousands of trades are made in just fraction of seconds so that you can take advantage of market conditions which is nearly impossible to place such orders.

Added Advantage

FINVASIA helps investors to have their trading servers next to the exchange’s server by using the various tools of company, having better executions.


Increased Efficiency

HFT has contributed in increased market inefficiencies by increasing the trading volumes and reduced bid-ask spread, so you get the best spread with better efficience

Reduced Cost

As HFT gaining popularity among the traders community, the trading volume has seen surge, leading to better liquidity and reduced indirect trading cost for investors.

Market Excess

HFT have excellent understanding of market micro structure and send trades based on suitable market conditions in order to get better execution price and reduced risk

Better liquidity

Liquidity is best measured by two measures – spread & execution price. Both the above factors has seen continuous improvement after the introduction of HFT