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A unique gaining opportunity

Portfolio Management Scheme for HNIs

Why would you choose Finvasia?

Finvasia is delighted to serve High Net worth Individuals with highly advanced softwares with market experties on the stand by , who will assist to manage the wealth of these individuals. This on request special service shall be customized for every high net worth individuals like you.

We have built a team of expert professionals who are extensively conducting research on the markets to offer personalized solutions to achieve unique investment objectives. From the various investment opportunities within an asset class, they make the best possible selection and actively monitor the investments for optimized results.

HNIs would be given with a full time access to track their portfolios. Our offerings in portfolio management services range from equities to debt. We have also covered the multiple solutions for each asset class.

Our Expertise

Safer investment schemes & lesser worries

Professional Management

Our Market Experts are will guide with your protfolio and also help in controlling and minimising the risk. Also will be provided with Daily Reserach Reports.

Performance reports

We offer timely performance reports which are done either on monthly or quarterly manner but might vary according to your investments.

Regular Tracking

We completely understand that dynamics of markets, so we keep the track of your investments to take advantage of the opportunities.

No Difficulty

We keep away the stress of administration of your funds. We offer timely performance reports of various aspects of funds invested.

Risk Management

Our management have guidance in defining the investment. Our software’s enables tracking and risk management process which will help in maximising your returns

Customised Approach

In PMS, you can get the personalised money managers who can aggressively manage your portfolio, customised accordingly.