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Invest in IPOs

Higher the risk, higher can be the returns

We are now offering IPOs to its retail, NRI and Institutional investors. Adding to your knowledge, IPOs are often issued by small, younger companies seeking capital to expand their business. The capital earned from selling its stocks to the public acts a major boost to the business’ growth and an edge to the IPOs investors to have better returns.

Why you should invest in IPOs with us ?

Detailed research on IPO

We analyse the issuer company’s detailed information. Remember that most companies try to provide most of the information on their prospectus. So we guide our investors to study and analyse all best possible information about the company i.e. background, sponsors and partners.

Updates about Prospectus

We provide information about forthcoming IPOs and the Company profile. You should never skip company’s prospectus if you are willing to invest. The prospectus has lots of information about the opportunities & threads of company. We will offer all this information as when it is offered.

Uncertainty alerts

There is always a lot of uncertainty surrounding IPOs, mainly because of the lack of available information. Therefore, you can always approach us with to get the alerts. We are vigilant to keep track of your investments and inform you about it on timely manner.

(Please note: Some investors who have bought stock at the IPO price have been rewarded handsomely. Basically every month successful company go public. Just keep in mind that when it comes to dealing with the IPO market, a sceptical and informed investor is likely to perform much better than one who is not. All IPOs are associated with high risk & high reward.)

An added advantage with us :


You can invest in IPO online, with the same convenience to invest in equities hassle free and zero paper work.

Zero buying cost


Online support

Expert guidance