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NRI Trading in Indian Markets

FINVASIA help NRIs to invest in Indian Markets through different routes. An NRI will have various investment opportunity which can specify if it is repatriated or not through NRO or NRE account.

Our understanding of your needs can help us to offer best services. Our global network of various institutions and wide range of remitting options can help you to remit money. Also, our advanced technology will allow you to invest without visiting us.

Venues that you can trade

Mutual Funds

We offer both equity & debt mutual funds. In Debt funds, you can invest in fixed income securities like government securities & treasury bills. In equity funds, you can invest in equities listed on exchanges.



NRIs can also invest in company’s share by IPOs. Luckily, you will not have to get any special approvals from RBI like PIS scheme. You will only require an NRE or NRO account to invest in IPOs. The no. of shares given to NRIs is decided by company offering IPOs.


Stocks F&O

NRI can invest in F&O which are the contracts offering you an assurance as you will trade in stocks at a future date. Under Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS), NRIs can trade in delivery bassed and equity F&O.

Stocks Delivery

An NRE account will enable you invest in stocks in the secondary market. But, you would need an approval under PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) NRE which is regulated by RBI. With us, you can take the delivery for shares with unlimited leverage.