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A Robust Trading Platform from Symphony

Finvasia connects you to the Indian financial industry’s leading solution provider of Automated Trading Systems for equities, futures, options, commodities and FX known as Symphony Presto. It is a comprehensive platform to implement automated trading algos using available asset classes in various Indian Exchanges like MCX, NSE and BSE.

We Provide Trading Solutions For

Automated Proprietary Trading Strategies

Develop & Test High-End Trading Strategies

Access to Automated Excel Based Strategies

Automated Trading through Charting Tools

Features At Glance

  1. Trade with Multiple Exchanges
  2. Connect to Various Data Feed Providers
  3. Trade with multiple Assets
  4. Run Numerous Strategies simultaneously
  5. Develop High End Strategies
  6. Approved by Multiple exchanges in India

We Allow

AFIX technology

Direct Market Access to NSE/MCX

Automated Trading for Brokers, Traders, Managers etc

Connectivity via Excel, Charting tools

Our solutions are specifically made for the trading community, ranging from small Traders to sophisticated Hedge Funds. These solutions can be provided to Trading Technology Providers as well. This comprehensive platform is to Design, Test, Deploy, Execute and Monitor fully automated trading or execution algos using asset classes available in Indian Exchanges. It can facilitate a framework to deploy the algos with Live Market Data and Direct Market Access (DMA).

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