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Solutions for Proprietary Trading Groups

Trading, clearing and reporting we have all the solutions for you

Finvasia’s clearing and fast implementation services will counter all the trading questions that you as a Proprietary trading firm may have. We offer both unidentified and completely transparent liquidity and are skilled at generating direct connections. Our back office is prepared to handle parent and their subsidiary accounts to control risks even with the most difficult structures. Even for high frequency trading firms, we have complete set of solutions.

Our proprietary trading services emphasizes on practical operations and valuable investments. We aim to deliver services so that you can achieve constant profits while managing risk carefully. Our comprehensive reporting system and timely research on markets underpins best result for any proprietary trading.

We give minds for your Growth

Margin Funding

Our Margin funding services offers investors with the option to invest more than what they could. As they use their own funds to have better returns. Margin funding is allowed against already approved list of securities which are associated to predefined margin. Through margin funding, investors would get funds to buy additional securities without disposing off their previous investments.

In this type of facility, a trader would have to either make the payment for the part of total buying amount or promises his present securities as margin, while the margin is approved by Finvasia. Margin Funding is thus basically means “starting” of the investment portfolio.

Innovative Technology

Our trading software’s have been customised keeping in mind the needs of professional traders.

We can upgrade your trading speed and trading efficiency with our various technical tools.
You can trade on your account from just with a mobile device with mobile applications.
Our sophisticated trading tools and interface solutions helps to acquire advantage of high speed feeds and broader market depth.
Our Risk management tool and monitors offers comprehensive measuring of the risk across different asset classes.
Our integrated solutions give an edge as it reacts to market instantly.
We have installed various order types and Algos from basic to advance to the complex ones which assist you to implement broad range of trading strategies.

Clearing services

Finvasia is complete service, well-organised, cost-effective and creative provider for Indian clearing for future and options.

Our Customised Solutions:

Skill to modify reporting and client statements
Clients would get an ability to check intra-day activities coupled with a complete series of positions and past data
Customisation of FIX Engine protocols and APIs for complete access and report formation and reconciliations
Complete online access to check settlements

Comprehensive Reporting

It’s easy to evaluate and check our statements and client reports which cover the major aspect of our services.

Online client portal for automatic reports and quick tracking
Daily Trades Statement which explains your account activity, positions, funds and more.
Updated margin reports to specify margin requirements by underlying
Downloadable reports which can be in PDF or excel.