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Retail Trading Offers

Stocks Trading

With us you can make from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand rupees a year. With our trading platforms you can monitor the stock market in real time. You just have to know how. In Cash Intraday market, you can buy sell in one day and earn huge profits with right strategy.

We offer all the stocks that are listed on NSE. The benefits of trading with us :

  1. Trade stocks with ease.
  2. Enjoy high returns by trading stocks.
  3. Experience range of investment opportunities.
  4. Safety of funds.


The derivative market in India, like its counterparts abroad, is increasingly gaining significance. Since the time derivatives were introduced in the year 2000, their popularity has grown manifold. This can be seen from the fact that the daily turnover in the derivatives segment on the National Stock Exchange is much higher than the turnover clocked in the cash markets on the same exchange.

In the Indian markets, futures and options are standardized contracts, which can be freely traded on exchanges. These could be employed to meet a variety of needs.

  1. Earn money on shares that are lying idle
  2. With benefit of leverage transact more for lesser margin
  3. Liquid contracts and lesser costs compared to cash market
  4. Great risk management tool
  5. Benefit from arbitrage
  6. Hedging


We offers currency derivative, also known as FX derivative which is a futures contract to exchange one currency for another at a specified date in the future at a price (exchange rate) to its valuable clients.

Currency trading with us , provides you with :

  1. Fast execution of your trades and better technology .
  2. Low Cost as currencies are the most cost-effective means of investment
  3. High Liquidity because of huge no. of buyers & sellers willing to trade at a given time
  4. Potential profits which can be achieved regardless of the market direction


We are offering commodity future contracts wherein you can also acquire leverage to invest in commodities market. For those who want to diversify their portfolios beyond shares, bonds and real estate, commodity trading with us is the best option. We offers most competitive pricing structure for commodities as well as on other instruments like stocks.

Benefit of trading in Commodities with us:

  1. Entailed leverage, lower margin requirement
  2. Honest Pricing, no hidden costs
  3. Attractive premiums, better returns
  4. Diversifies your portfolio, minimize risk